three steps forward


lead (personal project)


there's a ton of ambiguity in navigating life in america during quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. i was also lacking a creative outlet outside of work.


2020 (ongoing)


a short zine on instagram that seeks to inspire people to find ways to move forward and create a new normal, with three tips or tricks at a time. 

Amid quarantine measures during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have had the same conversation—half-hearted theories about when it'll all be over, what will be different, and other wishful predictions. In the process, I've started to level with one simple fact: things will be different when this is over. Whether big or small, these changes will mark a new normal for many of us. 


With some free time on my hands, I sought to try and answer some of those questions. I created a project to use social media to educate, inspire, and equip. Taking cues from Instagram's three-column grid, I called it Three Steps Forward—a twice-weekly zine designed to provide tips and tricks to navigating our new normal, three steps at a time. 

These tips would range from health consciousness, to home improvement, to finding room for fun amid lifestyle changes. 

For example, my first set of tips offered three ways to revamp your space.


Through the rest of quarantine, I'll be creating more content that's educational, insightful, and shareable. Check out the Instagram feed below!