Hi, I'm Hamza! I'm a designer based in Jersey City. 

I help companies create consumer-facing experiences that solve modern problems. 



Nice to meet you!

I'm Hamza. I'm currently a user experience designer at Capital One. I've got a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Phew. Glad I got that stuff out of the way. 

My background has directly influenced who I am as a designer. I immigrated to the US from Pakistan as a kid and grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey. Having been raised in a cultural melting pot, I see design as a major catalyst for building a sense of community. I started my design career in architecture and worked my way towards user experience design. Now, I'm most passionate about designing digital experiences that directly influence the physical spaces they're used in. Apps, websites, and other digital experiences aren't independent of the contexts they're used in, and a user's physical space is a massive part of that. I continue to seek opportunities to build this passion in my professional career. 

I also do a lot of other stuff. I’m big on enjoying the cities we inhabit, exploring foodie hotspots, and advocating for human rights and social good. I like oat milk, furniture flipping, female-driven TV comedies, and a bunch of other things. I've designed a clothing line, created an exorbitant amount of posters for different events, done hackathons, and other awesome things. I've tried my hand at architectural design, UX design, store design, print design, and a lot more. I'm excited about what's next. 

Let's chat! Reach out to me via social media, or check out my resume

- Hamza