Hi, I'm Hamza

I'm a designer with a knack for user-focused, research-driven, business-backed experiences.

now: Design @ Teachable



Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Hamza. I’m a user experience designer who helps companies envision and deliver cutting-edge experiences to consumers. As a designer, I believe that my work should be user-focused and business-backed, with a pulse on what’s next. I tend to think of myself as a design generalist—I've built a robust toolkit that includes visual/UI design, strategy, service design, systems thinking, motion design, and spatial planning. Simply put, I'm known for making an impact on the users I design for & the companies I serve.

Right now, I'm the product designer on the Creator Commerce pod at Teachable, where I create experiences that enable creators on the platform to monitor the financial health and success of their business. Before that, I was the product designer on the Creator Success pod, where I lead the design of various experiences to improve the workflows creators took when managing their schools. Before Teachable, I designed experiences at Capital One, the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon, Gap Inc, and Mesarch Studio. 

I also do a lot of other stuff. I’m big on enjoying new cities (especially in the summertime), exploring foodie hotspots, and advocating for human rights and social good. I like oat milk, furniture flipping, female-driven TV comedies, and a bunch of other things. I've designed a clothing line, created an exorbitant amount of posters for different events, done hackathons, and other awesome things. Best of all, I'm excited about what's next. 

Let's chat! Reach out to me via social media, or check out my resume


- Hamza